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Yes, If you want to change information about yourself in your PAN Card, you can Apply for Correction any time. In case you are married, and you want to change your name in your PAN Card, you should have your marriage proof. Similarly, if your PAN Card is Lost or Damaged, you can re-apply for new PAN Card through the same form. You can Follow our straight forward PAN Card Correction Form Tutorial! You’ll be able to track PAN Card Status using the same above-given tutorial!

How to apply for PAN Card Correction?

To make corrections in your PAN Card, you have to follow the same process as the application of PAN Card on NSDL or UTI Website. So, below is the step by step procedure to make PAN card corrections on the NSDL and UTI website.

Suppose an applicant needs to change or correct a data on their PAN card. They will need to follow a process to get it done. Mentioned below are the steps that the applicant needs to follow

Due to certain reasons, errors occur in the PAN details, most common errors include incorrect spellings mistakes, date of birth, change your address, etc. You might consider that these details are not important, but they are very much vital, and so should change as soon as possible. Correction can be made in the same form which is used for PAN Card Application. Here, one has to fill all the data and tick mark all the boxes on the left which are needed to be changed.

A new PAN card with updated information will be given to the applicant, with the Permanent Account Number remaining the same.

Fees for PAN Card Correction

  • All the Individuals who want to apply for correction, updating, a reissue of the PAN should know that PAN Card Correction is not free. When anyone applies for the second time, a minimum amount will be charged.
  • The total charge for PAN Card Correction is Rs 110 all over India and Rs 989 outside India.

Documents required for PAN Card Correction

If you want to modify your PAN Card details or you want to apply for a duplicate PAN Card. Then you have to submit some kind of documents. Here, documents vary based on who is applying for PAN Card Correction whether it’s an individual, firm, group or an entity.

  • Indian Individuals or Hindu Undivided Families(HUF): All Indians and HUF who want to make any kind of correction in the PAN Card need to submit a copy of valid government ID proof such as (Aadhar, Driving License, Passport, etc.), Address proof(Utility bill,etc.) and a proof of birth and lastly two passport size photographs.
  • Companies with the office in India: All the companies, Firms or entities all over the India have to submit a registration copy issued by the competent authority as a part of ID and address proof to make changes in PAN Card.
  • Companies with offices outside the country: All the companies whose office is outside India, need to submit a copy of registration certificate which is been issued by the country itself and duly attested by the Indian Embassy/ High Commission or authorized offices.
  • Foreign Citizens: All the Foreign Citizens need to submit an ID proof and an Address proof to apply for correction.
  • Other Foreign entities: All the entities have to submit an ID proof and an address proof which can a registration certificate which is being issued by that country or by Indian Embassy. Also, the entity has to provide a copy of registration certificate which is approved by a local Indian Authority.

Step-by-step guidelines for how to fill pan card correction form

PAN card details may have to be changed or corrected in certain cases such as change of name or misspelled name. The applicant have to fill a PAN correction form to request the change in PAN details. The correction form can be filled and submitted online through the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) website.

  • The PAN card correction form should be filled in English.
  • Enter the 10-digit PAN number.
  • Fill up all the mandatory fields with correct details.
  • Name shouldn’t have any prefix such as Miss, Mr., Shri, etc.
  • No abbreviations allowed such as Ltd, Pvt., etc. However, a Hindu United Family (HUF) applicant shall mention ‘HUF’ after his or her name.
  • Father’s name should be entered, even in the case of married women applicants.
  • Contact address with town, city, state, and PINCODE (country and zip code in the case of foreign address) should be entered. Mobile number and landline numbers should be provided with country code and ISD or STD code.
  • If Aadhaar number is entered in the application form, then a copy of the applicant’s Aadhaar card has to be submitted along with other supporting documents to the NSDL.
  • Check the left side column of the form where change or correction is required.

This process is also known as PAN Card Tracking. You can Repeat this process regularly to Track your PAN Card. It will just take 2 minutes to check the Status of your PAN Card.


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