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Online PAN verification is a facility provided to check if your PAN CARD is verified or not. One can verify the PAN details on the behalf of someone else considering they have all the required details. The Income Tax Department has authorized NSDL e Governance Infrastructure Limited to launch an online PAN verification service to help authorized entities with verification of PAN details. We are going to share the Step By Step Guideline on How to Verify your PAN Card online. Check Your Pan Card Status Online.

Online PAN Verification Step By Step Guide

Why should you Verify PAN Number?

After you receive PAN Card, you have to verify your PAN in order to check whether the Information on your PAN matches with the IT Department Database. If it’s not same, then you have to correct the information in your PAN with the help of PAN Card Correction form.

Types of Online PAN Verification

  1. Screen based PAN Card Verification
    • In order to avail this service, users have to log in first.
    • Then you have to provide the information about maximum 5 PAN’s in the available screen.
    • After this, you will be able to view all the information about PANs.
  2. File based PAN Card Verification
    • For this, users have to log in first.
    • Later, they have to upload a file which contains data of 1000 PANs in a specific file structure mentioned by the NSDL e-government.
    • After the files have been submitted and uploaded, the site will provide data of all the PANs within a span of 24 hrs.
    • If the file format is incorrect, then the site will inform you within a span of 24 hrs.
    • The user can download the response at his/her convenient time within a span of 15 days.
  3. Software based PAN Card Verification
    • Using this mode, a user can make PAN Card Verification from a verified site using a software application.

How can I verify my PAN Number?

There are mainly two ways in which you can verify PAN Number.

  • PAN Card Verification through PAN
  • PAN Card Verification by Name

Follow the step by step procedure to perform Online PAN Verification.

PAN Card Verification through PAN

  • First of all, Open the official website of Income Tax Department.
  • Click on Login, Enter UserID and Password, and then the code as shown in the image.
  • Then Click on Know your Jurisdiction option available under the services Tab.
  • Then Enter your Permanent Account Number or PAN.
  • Finally, enter the captcha code as shown in the image and then click on submit.

If the information given by you matches with the IT database, then you will see your Full name, Jurisdiction, AO Code, Jurisdiction, PAN, etc. If it’s not correct, then fill the form again, it will work.

PAN Card Verification through Name

  • Firstly, open the official IT Dept website.
  • Click on login and enter login credentials and captcha code then click on Login.
  • Now, click on Know your PAN provided under the services section.
  • Enter your Surname/ Lastname, Middle name, and First name.
  • Enter the Captcha code as shown in the image to prove that you are human.
  • Finally, click on submit.

You can check on above 2 ways to Verifying PAN online. It’s easy as well as important.


Updated: May 14, 2018 — 4:55 am

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