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If you don’t have PAN card yet, you can apply online through NSDL or UTI just by filling simple(not so simple) form. To apply online, you should have one Copy of your Identity Proof, One copy of Address proof and one copy of birth certificate.

You can follow our Detailed guide on how to Apply for PAN Card. This guide contains links of both NSDL and UTI PAN Application form, and you’ll also get a Step-by-step tutorial on how to fill the form!

You’ll need documents for Identity, Address, and Date of birth Proofs. We’ve created a list of documents that you can submit as a Proofs.

How to apply for PAN Card Application Form Online?

Online PAN Card Application from NSDL

It’s easy to get the your PAN Card Application Process. Just Visit NSDL’s Pan Card Form that looks like the following image.

Sign up on the NSDL

Apply For Pan Card using NSDL

Fill all the details as follows:

  1. Application Form: If you are applying for New PAN card, Select Indian Citizen if you are Indian or else select Foreign Citizen.
  2. Category: If you are applying for yourself, then select Individual or select the category as per your requirement.
  3.  Title: Know select Shri, Smt, and Kumari from the list.
  4.  Full Name: Enter your Last name, First name, and Middle name.
  5.  Date of Birth: Enter your Birth Date in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  6.  Email and Mobile Number: Enter your Correct Email ID and Mobile Number.
  7.  Captcha: Fill the captcha as shown in the image and then click submit.

As soon as you complete your Registration, you will receive your Temporary Token Number on your Email ID.

Personal Details

Pan Card Personal Details NSDL

You can select which is batter way for you to submit the documents. By Default, Forward Application documents physically. You have to fill the details in the form as follows

  1. Aadhar Number: Enter your Aadhar Card Number, if you have.
  2. Full name of the Application: Enter your Full name same as you have entered while signing up. The name will appear automatically, if not then you have to enter it.
  3. Have you ever Been known by any other name?
    If you are known by any other name, then select yes and enter your name.
  4. Details of Parents: In this, you have to enter the full name of your parents. Even if you are a married lady, you have to enter your Father’s name.

Contact and Other Details

Source of Income NSDL Pan Card Form

  1. Sources of Income: Select your Source of Income correctly. In case, you earn money from multiple sources, select multiple sources.
  2. Address of Communication: Now you have to select whether you can to connect with NSDL through the office or residential address.
  3. Office/ Residental Address: Enter your office as well as your Residence address properly.
  4. Telephone and Email ID: You phone number and Email ID will be displayed automatically, but you can edit it if you want.
  5. Representative Assessee: Select yes or no, as per your requirement. If yes, enter Assessee name and address correctly.

AO Code

AO Code NSDL Pan Card Form

Here, select Indian Citizen if your Indian and then select State and City. Then you will get a list of AO Code, choose anyone from the list. All information about AO Code will be available on the page. then, click “Next”.

Document Details

  1. Documents to Submit: First of all, select the documents you want to submit for Proof of Eligibility, Address, and Birth.
  2. Declaration: Here, select Representative Assessee, if your Assessee and then your name or else select Himself/ Herself.
  3. Place: Enter place name from where you are Applying for PAN Card.

Online PAN Card Application from UTI

In this case, if you want to apply for PAN Card using UTI. Here’s the Official Page of UTI to Apply For Pan Card Through UTI. The page will look like the image given Below.

Online PAN CARD Application thorugh UTI

Full Name Details

  1. Full Name: Enter your Last name, First name, and Middle name.
  2. Name on Card: It will be automatically filled, in case you want to change you can do it.
  3. Have you been known by another name?
    If you are known by another name then select yes and enter the name.
  4. Gender: Male/Female.
  5. Date of Birth: Enter your date in the DD/MM/YYYY Format.
  6. Details of Parents: Applying as an Individual, then Enter your Mother as well as Father’s name. If you are a Married lady, then you have to enter the name of your father.

Address Details

  1. Address: Enter your Residential Adress as well as your Office address perfectly.
  2. Address of Communication: Select the Address where you want to deliver your PAN Card.
  3. Telephone Number: Enter your working Telephone Number.
  4. Email ID: Enter your Original Email ID.
  5. Aadhar Number: If you have Aadhar Card, then enter your Aadhar Number.
  6. Are you Citizen of India?: Select yes, if you are Citizen of India or else select No.

Source Of Income

Select the source of Income from the list. If you have multiple sources of Income, then select Multiple Income Sources.

Representative Assessee

If the form is filled by Representative Assessee, then select Title and then Enter the Address properly.

Identity, Address, DOB Proof

Here select the Appropriate Document that you are going to submit has a proof of your Identity, Address, and DOB proof.

Verification Proof

Now here if you have filled by form by yourself, then select Himself/Herself. If you haven’t filled yourself, select the best option from the given drop down menu.Lastly, Enter the Verifier’s Name and Place and then click on Submit.Now you have to pay Rs 107 as the processing fee. You can pay via Debit card, Credit card or by Net Banking.

Now you can track the PAN Card Status to know the current status of Application. By following this Guide, you can Apply for your PAN Card Application Form easily.

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